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OKO Glue without Glue Lash Lami Balm

OKO Glue without glue for eyelash lamination Lash Lami Balm

Glue without glue OkO Lash&Brow not just a glue - a breakthrough in the beauty industry. This is a product that completely replaces all types of glue due to its innovative formula:

  • The soft gel texture does not harden during the laying time and allows you to quickly fix the eyelashes on the pads and align each eyelash in the required direction without harm to the hair;
  • Does not require re-application after the second stage of lamination - holds eyelashes securely until the stage of applying tint;
  • Does not create a film that interferes with work;
  • Allows you to easily detach the eyelashes during operation to check their condition and return them to the required position;
  • Due to the newest formula, it retains moisture in the hair, does not dry it out and takes care of the health of the eyelashes.
  • Does not require layering, allowing the compositions to work without interference.
  • Has a pleasant, light peach aroma and a beautiful transparent pink color

How to use:
To fix the lashes on both pads, take a small pea of the product. Be sure to cover the product with a lid. Do not leave the glue exposed. Apply a small amount of glue to the pads, then gently fix the eyelashes using your usual tool: brush, cotton swab, multifunctional eyelash lamination tool, etc. The soft and pliable texture of the glue makes it easy to separate and align the eyelashes in the desired position. If you apply too much product, remove the residue with a macro brush or cotton swab. After drying, apply the first lamination compound.

The product is designed for eyelashes from thin to hard.

Shelf life: 24 months from the date of production
Shelf life after opening: 6 months

Volume: 15 ml

OKO Glue without Glue Lash Lami Balm


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