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Do you want to work in the beauty industry and become a top professional? Do you want to explore the wide world of eyebrows and find out much more than just the basics? Are you struggling to deal with non-standard situations? Have you almost given up and lost motivation? Or you just can't find the right answers? If so, then you're in the right place! Your journey to the world of eyebrows will begin HERE at SAMA!

*Accredited and licensed beauty courses in Latvian
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Hey students! If you want to stay in the loop with everything going on in our class, about the everyday life of an eyebrow master. 


Be sure to follow us on Instagram. By following our account, you'll get access to important class updates, reminders for assignments, and other helpful resources. To follow us, simply click on the Instagram icon or search for our username on the Instagram app and click 'Follow'.


We look forward to connecting with you on Instagram! @sama_latvia

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