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OKO Mini Wax Heater

Mini Wax Warmer OKO

OKO Mini Wax Heater is truly mobile and compact in operation. The OKO wax melter is portable and takes up a minimum of working space, which allows you to get rid of bulky equipment, optimize your work space and make your work even more convenient and faster!
The OKO wax heater is really miniature - the volume of the wax melt pot is only 8 g, and the 3 replaceable silicone pots included will allow you to work with waxes of different types and textures. A small volume of wax heats up much faster, in just 5-6 minutes the wax is completely ready for use.

The wax heater is mobile and, thanks to the universal Type-C port, can operate from a phone charger, power bank or laptop.
The wax heater is equipped with automatic temperature control at 115°C (±10°C). It will always maintain a stable temperature without overheating.
The body of the wax melter is made of textured polycarbonate, resistant to high temperatures, mechanical damage and scratches.
The pots for the wax melter are made of elastic, heat-resistant silicone and are easy to clean from wax - just wait until the wax has completely cooled down and it can be easily removed from the silicone pot.

The wax melter has CE, FCC certification.

  • Small and compact size - the wax melter takes up minimal space and is convenient to transport in a work case
  • Quick heating to operating temperature and complete wax readiness in 5-6 minutes
  • Includes 3 replaceable silicone pots with a capacity of 8 g
  • Works from a phone charger, power bank, laptop
  • Automatic temperature control at 115±10°C
  • Compatible with all USB power supplies
  • Ideal for eyebrow stylists

Characteristics of OKO wax melter
Wax heater size: 52*40 mm
Pot capacity: 8 g
Operating temperature: 115±10°C
Power: 4.5W


  • Wax heater;
  • 3 replaceable silicone pots (black, pink, blue);
  • USB Type-C cable

Important! Power supply not included

Warranty: 6 months

OKO Mini Wax Heater


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