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Tweezers OKO Easy Touch

OKO Easy Touch is a professional tweezer for those who like softness in their work. Forget about tension in your hand - these feather-like tweezers will help you create brow masterpieces faster and better.
The Easy Touch tweezers are slightly smaller in shape and have a smaller edge than the OKO 01 tweezers, which will help make eyebrow correction more detailed.

The tweezers have a very soft smooth pressure and fit perfectly in the hand. Thanks to manual sharpening and beveled polished edges of 45 degrees, the tweezers grip and remove even the shortest and finest hairs without breaking them.
The tweezers are made of high-quality wear-resistant steel, have a perfect surface polishing, which makes the product resistant to daily disinfection and sterilization of various types.
The tool is sharpened by hand and, if used correctly, will serve the master for a long time.Tweezers can be processed in dry heat.

Tweezers OKO Easy Touch

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