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OKO Fix It Glue

Eyelash Glue for lamination and biocurling OKO Fix It

FIX IT eyelash lamination glue is a NEW product that has no analogues. Will replace all other materials for eyelash fixation!
OKO glue reliably and quickly fixes eyelashes to the roller, without sticking, dirt and rolling.
The glue is hypoallergenic and completely transparent, which help the work of the lamination artist and the comfort of the client.
The convenient packaging of the glue facilitates easy storage, thanks to minimal contact with air.
The glue is suitable for fixing the rollers on the eyelid: apply a small amount of glue to the inner part of the roller; as well as for perfect laying of eyelashes on rollers: with the help of an applicator or a multi-functional tool, apply glue to the eyelashes and fix them on the curler.

Volume: 6 ml

OKO Fix It Glue


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