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OKO Silicone Pads Full Set


Eyelash pads full set OKO, 5 pairs

High-quality compositions and accessories are the key to an excellent result after lamination and biowave eyelashes. It is important to use eyelash pads of a suitable size and as convenient as possible for the master.
OKO eyelash lamination pads are made of ultra-soft, almost velvety, silicone. OKO pads are very light and almost not felt on the eyelid, which makes the procedure of eyelash lamination or perm comfortable for clients with even very sensitive eyes. The rollers are made of elastic and flexible silicone and, due to the smooth coating, are softly and securely fixed on the eyelid.
Rollers are suitable for eyelashes of different lengths and are conveniently placed on eyes of any shape. Before the procedure, the master selects rollers of a suitable size, based on the length of the cilia and the desired shape of the curl.
Pads are made of soft hypoallergenic silicone.
OKO rollers are available in five sizes: S, M, M1, M2, L.

The set includes:
Size S. Designed to work with short lashes. As a result, a noticeable basal volume. Lifting Effect
Size M. Designed to work with medium length eyelashes to create a lifting effect, gives a pronounced basal volume
Size M1. Designed for short and medium length lashes. Multifunctional: creating both a baby curl and a lifting effect.
it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​application of the compositions:
Apply the 1st composition with an indent from the root zone of 1 mm. Stretch a little above the apex (the highest point of the roller) - for a baby curl and BEFORE the apex for a lifting effect.
The 2nd composition is higher and lower by 0.5 mm than the first composition
Size M2. Designed to work with lashes longer than medium to long to create a baby curl
Size L. Designed to work with long lashes to create a baby curl

How to use:

  • Place the pads on the eyelids close to the ciliary edge and press lightly. For better fixation of the pads on the eyelids, use glue for laminating eyelashes.
  • Lay out the top lash line on the rollers using the lash glue and applicator or multi tool or applicator.
  • Carry out the procedure of lamination or biowave eyelashes.
  • After the procedure is completed, carefully remove the pads from the eyelids. Thoroughly rinse the pads from the remnants of glue, compounds and dye, disinfect and dry.

  • Recommendations for working with OKO pads:
    • The area of ​​application of the compositions.
    • The 1st composition is applied with an indent from the root zone of 1 mm and stretches to the apex (the highest point of the pads)
    • The 2nd composition is recommended to be applied a little wider than the first composition (0.5 mm above and 0.5 mm below the first)
    • For a convex eyelid, when fixing the pads, it is recommended to use glue so that the outer and inner corners are securely fixed and do not interfere during operation;
    • For a flat eyelid, additional fixation is not needed;
    • If necessary, hold the eyelashes with compensators, tape or cotton wool during work;
    • After the robots, remove the remnants of glue and paint from the pads using water and soapy water.

OKO Silicone Pads Full Set


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